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  We specialize in HP COMPAQ 448016-001 Laptop CPU Fan and accessories, All HP COMPAQ 448016-001 Laptop Accessory are free of charge for shipment and full three-months warranty, high quality and low price.
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Original Brand New CPU Cooling Fan For HP COMPAQ 448016-001 Laptop

Get your HP COMPAQ 448016-001 Laptop Fan from today is free of charge for shipment. We supply high quality HP COMPAQ 448016-001 Laptop CPU Fan with low price. We guarantee the HP COMPAQ 448016-001 Laptop CPU Cooling Fan with a full three-months warranty from the date of purchase if the product(s) have any quality problem!
Original Brand New HP Pavilion DV9000 Series CPU Fan
Click image to enlarge
Free Shipping
Brand new,3 months warranty!
HP COMPAQ 448016-001 Laptop Accessory Information:
Specification: Brand New HP Pavilion DV9000 Series laptops fan
Tested to be 100% working properly.
Unit: PCS
Type: Laptop CPU Fan
Condition: Brand New
Warranty: 3 Months
Power: DC05V 0.40A
Info Wire Length: (4 wire) 4-pin connector
Remark:please check it before the pruchase,The picture is the actual item! This is bare fan
Click here to find the fan with heatsink, Best Price
Availability: In Stock
Payment | Delivery:  PayPal | HongKong Registered Air Mail With Tracking Number, Free   [Detail?]
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Compatible HP COMPAQ 448016-001 Part Number and Models:

Compatible Brands
Compatible Code
434678-001 448016-001 450864-001
KDB05605HB(6C14) KSB0605HB(-6L77)
Fit Model
Pavilion DV9000 Series Pavilion DV9001XX Pavilion DV9002NR
Pavilion DV9003XX Pavilion DV9005CA Pavilion DV9005US
Pavilion DV9008NR Pavilion DV9009CA Pavilion DV9009CL
Pavilion DV9009NR Pavilion DV9009US Pavilion DV9010CA
Pavilion DV9010US Pavilion DV9013CA Pavilion DV9013CL
Pavilion DV9023US Pavilion DV9030US Pavilion DV9033CL
Pavilion DV9035NR Pavilion DV9040US Pavilion DV9060US
Pavilion DV9074CL Pavilion DV9075LA Pavilion DV9095XX
Pavilion DV9096XX Pavilion DV9098XX Pavilion DV9200XX
Pavilion DV9201CA Pavilion DV9205CA Pavilion DV9205US
Pavilion DV9207US Pavilion DV9208NR Pavilion DV9210CA
Pavilion DV9210US Pavilion DV9220CA Pavilion DV9220US
Pavilion DV9225US Pavilion DV9230US Pavilion DV9231CA
Pavilion DV9233CA Pavilion DV9233CL Pavilion DV9235NR
Pavilion DV9260NR Pavilion DV9260US Pavilion DV9265LA
Pavilion DV9275LA Pavilion DV9287CL Pavilion DV9299XX
Pavilion DV9308NR Pavilion DV9310CA Pavilion DV9310US
Pavilion DV9315CA Pavilion DV9317CA Pavilion DV9317CL
Pavilion DV9318CA Pavilion DV9320CA Pavilion DV9320US
Pavilion DV9330CA Pavilion DV9330US Pavilion DV9334US
Pavilion DV9335NR Pavilion DV9339US Pavilion DV9343CA
Pavilion DV9347CL Pavilion DV9380CA Pavilion DV9407NR
Pavilion DV9408CA Pavilion DV9408NR Pavilion DV9410CA
Pavilion DV9410US Pavilion DV9413CL Pavilion DV9417CA
Pavilion DV9417CL Pavilion DV9418CA Pavilion DV9420CA
Pavilion DV9420US Pavilion DV9424US Pavilion DV9428CA
Pavilion DV9428NR Pavilion DV9429US Pavilion DV9438CA
Pavilion DV9443CA Pavilion DV9515CA Pavilion DV9525US
Pavilion DV9535NR Pavilion DV9535US Pavilion DV9540US
Pavilion DV9542US Pavilion DV9543CL Pavilion DV9547CL
Pavilion DV9548CA Pavilion DV9548US Pavilion DV9574LA
Pavilion DV9575LA Pavilion DV9575NR Pavilion DV9580US
Pavilion DV9596XX Pavilion DV9597XX Pavilion DV9598XX
Pavilion DV9599XX Pavilion DV9606CA Pavilion DV9607US
Pavilion DV9608CA Pavilion DV9608NR Pavilion DV9609US
Pavilion DV9610CA Pavilion DV9610US Pavilion DV9612CA
Pavilion DV9614CA Pavilion DV9615CA Pavilion DV9616CA
Pavilion DV9617NR Pavilion DV9618CA Pavilion DV9620US
Pavilion DV9623CA Pavilion DV9623CL Pavilion DV9625CA
Pavilion DV9626US Pavilion DV9627CL Pavilion DV9628CA
Pavilion DV9628NR Pavilion DV9629CA Pavilion DV9634CA
Pavilion DV9635CA Pavilion DV9638US Pavilion DV9640CA
Pavilion DV9640US Pavilion DV9644CA Pavilion DV9650US
Pavilion DV9653CL Pavilion DV9657CL Pavilion DV9715NR
Pavilion DV9718CA Pavilion DV9720CA Pavilion DV9720US
Pavilion DV9723CA Pavilion DV9723CL Pavilion DV9724CA
Pavilion DV9727CL Pavilion DV9727US Pavilion DV9728CA
Pavilion DV9728CL Pavilion DV9730CA Pavilion DV9730NR
Pavilion DV9730US Pavilion DV9731CA Pavilion DV9734NR
Pavilion DV9736CA Pavilion DV9740CA Pavilion DV9740US
Pavilion DV9743CL Pavilion DV9744CA Pavilion DV9747CL
Pavilion DV9748CA Pavilion DV9750US Pavilion DV9758CA
Pavilion DV9774CA Pavilion DV9775LA Pavilion DV9780LA
Pavilion DV9785LA Pavilion DV9804CA Pavilion DV9808CA
Pavilion DV9810CA Pavilion DV9810US Pavilion DV9815NR
Pavilion DV9817CL Pavilion DV9819WM Pavilion DV9820US
Pavilion DV9823CA Pavilion DV9823CL Pavilion DV9824CA
Pavilion DV9825NR Pavilion DV9827CL Pavilion DV9830US
Pavilion DV9831CA Pavilion DV9834CA Pavilion DV9838CA
Pavilion DV9843CL Pavilion DV9847CA Pavilion DV9854CA
Pavilion DV9858CA Pavilion DV9894CA Pavilion DV9903CA
Pavilion DV9904CA Pavilion DV9907CA Pavilion DV9908CA
Pavilion DV9910CA Pavilion DV9910US Pavilion DV9912NR
Pavilion DV9913CL Pavilion DV9917CL Pavilion DV9920US
Pavilion DV9922US Pavilion DV9924CA Pavilion DV9925NR
Pavilion DV9927CL Pavilion DV9930US Pavilion DV9933CA
Pavilion DV9933CL Pavilion DV9933NR Pavilion DV9934CA
Pavilion DV9999US

Compatible Brands (Select brand to view models)


Shipping Information:

We ship to worldwide range and the shipping is also free unless you request express delivery. The delivery to US will take about 6-10 business days, and to the other most countries usually takes about 7~14 business days.

Normally, all orders are shipped from Hong Kong by HK post office registered air mail. You will get an email of shipping information including the tracking number once your order is shipped out from our warehouse.

Please find the detail of the express as below:

Express Company Estimated Delivery Time Cost
EMS5-9 business days $18
UPS3-6 business days $22

If your address can't be reached by above express company, please contact us by and inform us of your express company.

About Payment:

We accept paypal payments

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