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Replacement Laptop Hard Drive For HP COMPAQ 15-R015DX

Get your HP COMPAQ 15-R015DX HDD from today is free of charge for shipment. We supply high quality HP COMPAQ 15-R015DX Laptop Hard Drive with low price. We guarantee the HP COMPAQ 15-R015DX Laptop HDD Hard Drive with a full three-months warranty from the date of purchase if the product(s) have any quality problem!
Original New HP Pavilion Probook Presario Elitebook Series Laptop Hard Drive
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Free Shipping
Brand new,3 months warranty!
HP COMPAQ 15-R015DX Laptop Accessory Information:
Capacity: 500GB
Size: 2.5", 9.5mm height
Speed: 5400RPM, 12ms Seek
Interface: Serial ATA 2.6/ATA-8
Transfer Rate: Up to 3.0GB/sec
Buffer: 8MB
Condition: Brand New
Info: ALT P/N HTS545050B9A300
Warranty: 3 Months
Remark: Please check the images and description carefully. You will receive what you see!
Availability: In Stock
Payment | Delivery:  PayPal | HongKong Registered Air Mail With Tracking Number, Free   [Detail?]
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Compatible HP COMPAQ 15-R015DX Part Number and Models:

Compatible Brands
Compatible Code
Fit Model
14-D000 Series 14-D100 Series 15-D Series
15-D002AU 15-D008SV 15-D008SX
15-D008TU 15-D008TX 15-D009EJ
15-D010TU 15-D013TX 15-D017CL
15-D020DX 15-D020NR 15-D027CL
15-D030NR 15-D033TU 15-D035DX
15-D037DX 15-D038CA 15-D038DX
15-D038TU 15-D040CA 15-D040DX
15-D040NR 15-D045NR 15-D047TU
15-D050NR 15-D051NR 15-D067TU
15-D068CA 15-D068TU 15-D069TU
15-D069WM 15-D071NR 15-D072NR
15-D074NR 15-D075NR 15-D076NR
15-D081NR 15-D089WM 15-D090NR
15-D095NR 15-D096NR 15-D097NR
15-D098NR 15-D103TX 15-D104TX
15-D105TX 15-D107TX 15-DO1OTX
15-F000 Series 15-F001XX 15-F004DX
15-F004WM 15-F008CL 15-F009CA
15-F009WM 15-F010DX 15-F010WM
15-F011NR 15-F014WM 15-F018DX
15-F019DX 15-F023WM 15-F024WM
15-F027CA 15-F033WM 15-F039WM
15-F048CA 15-F059WM 15-F085WM
15-F097NR 15-F098NR 15-F100 Series
15-F100DX 15-F110CA 15-F111DX
15-F113CA 15-F125WM 15-F128CA
15-F133CA 15-F133WM 15-F162DX
15-F199NR 15-F200 Series 15-F205DX
15-F210CA 15-F210CX 15-F215DX
15-F240CA 15-F247NR 15-G000 Series
15-G000NA 15-G005NA 15-G007NA
15-G010DX 15-G011NR 15-G012DX
15-G013CL 15-G018DX 15-G019WM
15-G020CA 15-G020NR 15-G021CA
15-G021DS 15-G021NR 15-G022DS
15-G029WM 15-G040CA 15-G041DS
15-G042CY 15-G042DS 15-G043CY
15-G048CA 15-G049CA 15-G050CA
15-G057CL 15-G060NR 15-G063NR
15-G067CL 15-G070NR 15-G073NR
15-G074NR 15-G075NR 15-G080NR
15-G083NR 15-G099NR 15-G100 Series
15-G100CA 15-R000 Series 15-R000EL
15-R000NA 15-R001LA 15-R003NG
15-R004XX 15-R005LA 15-R006TU
15-R007TU 15-R007TX 15-R008NA
15-R008TU 15-R008TX 15-R011DX
15-R011DX 15-R012NA 15-R013CA
15-R015DX 15-R017DX 15-R018DX
15-R021NG 15-R026NA 15-R029WM
15-R030NA 15-R030NR 15-R030WM
15-R036TU 15-R050NR 15-R052NR
15-R053CL 15-R061NF 15-R063NR
15-R081NR 15-R100 Series 250 G2 Series
250 G3 Series 255 G2 Series 255 G3 Series
256 G2 Series 256 G3 Series EliteBook 2540P Series
EliteBook 8440P Series EliteBook 8440W Series EliteBook 8530P Series
EliteBook 8540P Series EliteBook 8540W Series EliteBook 8730W Series
Pavilion 15-E Series Pavilion 15-E000 Series Pavilion 15-E001AU
Pavilion 15-E003AU Pavilion 15-E004AU Pavilion 15-E004TX
Pavilion 15-E005AU Pavilion 15-E005TX Pavilion 15-E006AU
Pavilion 15-E007AU Pavilion 15-E009AX Pavilion 15-E010AU
Pavilion 15-E010AX Pavilion 15-E010US Pavilion 15-E011NR
Pavilion 15-E012NR Pavilion 15-E013AX Pavilion 15-E013NR
Pavilion 15-E013TX Pavilion 15-E014NR Pavilion 15-E015NR
Pavilion 15-E016AU Pavilion 15-E016AX Pavilion 15-E016NR
Pavilion 15-E016WM Pavilion 15-E017AX Pavilion 15-E018AU
Pavilion 15-E018AX Pavilion 15-E018NR Pavilion 15-E019AX
Pavilion 15-E019TX Pavilion 15-E020AX Pavilion 15-E020CA
Pavilion 15-E020NR Pavilion 15-E020TX Pavilion 15-E020US
Pavilion 15-E021AX Pavilion 15-E021NR Pavilion 15-E026TX
Pavilion 15-E027AX Pavilion 15-E027CA Pavilion 15-E027CL
Pavilion 15-E028AX Pavilion 15-E028US Pavilion 15-E029TX
Pavilion 15-E030AX Pavilion 15-E030WM Pavilion 15-E032AX
Pavilion 15-E033AU Pavilion 15-E033CA Pavilion 15-E033TX
Pavilion 15-E034EA Pavilion 15-E035TX Pavilion 15-E037CL
Pavilion 15-E039NR Pavilion 15-E040CA Pavilion 15-E041CA
Pavilion 15-E043CL Pavilion 15-E049CA Pavilion 15-E051TX
Pavilion 15-E051XX Pavilion 15-E053CA Pavilion 15-E061NR
Pavilion 15-E062NR Pavilion 15-E063NR Pavilion 15-E063TX
Pavilion 15-E064NR Pavilion 15-E065NR Pavilion 15-E066NR
Pavilion 15-E066TX Pavilion 15-E067NR Pavilion 15-E068NR
Pavilion 15-E071NR Pavilion 15-E072NR Pavilion 15-E073CA
Pavilion 15-E073NR Pavilion 15-E074NR Pavilion 15-E075NR
Pavilion 15-E076NR Pavilion 15-E077NR Pavilion 15-E078NR
Pavilion 15-E084CA Pavilion 15-E085NR Pavilion 15-E086NR
Pavilion 15-E087NR Pavilion 15-E088NR Pavilion 15-E089NR
Pavilion 15-E099CA Pavilion 15-E180NR Pavilion 15-E181NR
Pavilion 15-E182NR Pavilion 15-E183NR Pavilion 15-E184NR
Pavilion 15-E185NR Pavilion 15-E186NR Pavilion 15-E187NR
Pavilion 15-E188NR Pavilion 15-E189NR Pavilion 15-N Series
Pavilion 15-N000 Series Pavilion 15-N001AU Pavilion 15-N002AU
Pavilion 15-N002TU Pavilion 15-N003AU Pavilion 15-N004AU
Pavilion 15-N005AU Pavilion 15-N005AX Pavilion 15-N005TU
Pavilion 15-N006AU Pavilion 15-N006TU Pavilion 15-N008AX
Pavilion 15-N008TX Pavilion 15-N009TX Pavilion 15-N010US
Pavilion 15-N011NR Pavilion 15-N012AU Pavilion 15-N012NR
Pavilion 15-N013CA Pavilion 15-N013DX Pavilion 15-N014AU
Pavilion 15-N014NR Pavilion 15-N016TX Pavilion 15-N019NR
Pavilion 15-N019WM Pavilion 15-N019WM Pavilion 15-N020CA
Pavilion 15-N020NR Pavilion 15-N020US Pavilion 15-N022TU
Pavilion 15-N023CL Pavilion 15-N024NR Pavilion 15-N028TX
Pavilion 15-N028US Pavilion 15-N030CA Pavilion 15-N030US
Pavilion 15-N033CA Pavilion 15-N034CA Pavilion 15-N034NR
Pavilion 15-N037CL Pavilion 15-N040CA Pavilion 15-N040US
Pavilion 15-N041CA Pavilion 15-N044NR Pavilion 15-N044TU
Pavilion 15-N045TX Pavilion 15-N046US Pavilion 15-N047CL
Pavilion 15-N048CA Pavilion 15-N048NR Pavilion 15-N054TX
Pavilion 15-N060CA Pavilion 15-N060NR Pavilion 15-N061NR
Pavilion 15-N062NR Pavilion 15-N064NR Pavilion 15-N065NR
Pavilion 15-N066US Pavilion 15-N067CA Pavilion 15-N067NR
Pavilion 15-N068NR Pavilion 15-N069NR Pavilion 15-N071NR
Pavilion 15-N080CA Pavilion 15-N084CA Pavilion 15-N087NR
Pavilion 15-N088CA Pavilion 15-N088NR Pavilion 15-N089NR
Pavilion 15-N090NR Pavilion 15-N091NR Pavilion 15-N092NR
Pavilion 15-N093NR Pavilion 15-N094NR Pavilion 15-N096NR
Pavilion 15-N097NR Pavilion 15-N098NR Pavilion 15-N200 Series
Pavilion 15-N200NR Pavilion 15-N201NR Pavilion 15-N202AU
Pavilion 15-N202NR Pavilion 15-N203AU Pavilion 15-N203AX
Pavilion 15-N203NR Pavilion 15-N203TU Pavilion 15-N204AU
Pavilion 15-N204AX Pavilion 15-N204NR Pavilion 15-N204TU
Pavilion 15-N205AX Pavilion 15-N205NR Pavilion 15-N205TU
Pavilion 15-N206AX Pavilion 15-N206NR Pavilion 15-N206TU
Pavilion 15-N207CL Pavilion 15-N207NR Pavilion 15-N208AU
Pavilion 15-N208NR Pavilion 15-N209NR Pavilion 15-N209TU
Pavilion 15-N210AU Pavilion 15-N210DX Pavilion 15-N210NR
Pavilion 15-N210US Pavilion 15-N211AU Pavilion 15-N211AX
Pavilion 15-N211DX Pavilion 15-N211NR Pavilion 15-N211TX
Pavilion 15-N212TX Pavilion 15-N213TX Pavilion 15-N214TX
Pavilion 15-N215TX Pavilion 15-N216TX Pavilion 15-N216US
Pavilion 15-N217NR Pavilion 15-N217TX Pavilion 15-N218NR
Pavilion 15-N218TX Pavilion 15-N220TX Pavilion 15-N220US
Pavilion 15-N221NR Pavilion 15-N221TX Pavilion 15-N222NR
Pavilion 15-N222TX Pavilion 15-N223NR Pavilion 15-N225NR
Pavilion 15-N226NR Pavilion 15-N230CA Pavilion 15-N230US
Pavilion 15-N232NR Pavilion 15-N235NR Pavilion 15-N236NR
Pavilion 15-N238NR Pavilion 15-N240CA Pavilion 15-N240US
Pavilion 15-N241CA Pavilion 15-N243CL Pavilion 15-N243NR
Pavilion 15-N244NR Pavilion 15-N246US Pavilion 15-N247NR
Pavilion 15-N248NR Pavilion 15-N253TX Pavilion 15-N260US
Pavilion 15-N262NR Pavilion 15-N264NR Pavilion 15-N265NR
Pavilion 15-N266NR Pavilion 15-N267CA Pavilion 15-N267NR
Pavilion 15-N268NR Pavilion 15-N269NR Pavilion 15-N270NR
Pavilion 15-N271NR Pavilion 15-N272NR Pavilion 15-N274CA
Pavilion 15-N277NR Pavilion 15-N278NR Pavilion 15-N279NR
Pavilion 15-N280CA Pavilion 15-N280US Pavilion 15-N281NR
Pavilion 15-N282NR Pavilion 15-N283NR Pavilion 15-N284NR
Pavilion 15-N285NR Pavilion 15-N286NR Pavilion 15-N287CL
Pavilion 15-N287NR Pavilion 15-N288CA Pavilion 15-N290NR
Pavilion 15-N293CL Pavilion 15-N293NR Pavilion 15-N294NR
Pavilion 15-N297NR Pavilion 15-N298NR Pavilion 15-N299NR
Pavilion 15-P000 Series Pavilion 15-P010DX Pavilion 15-P010US
Pavilion 15-P011NR Pavilion 15-P020CA Pavilion 15-P020US
Pavilion 15-P021CA Pavilion 15-P021CY Pavilion 15-P021NR
Pavilion 15-P022CA Pavilion 15-P022CY Pavilion 15-P022NR
Pavilion 15-P023CY Pavilion 15-P023NR Pavilion 15-P024CY
Pavilion 15-P024NR Pavilion 15-P026CY Pavilion 15-P026NR
Pavilion 15-P027CY Pavilion 15-P027NR Pavilion 15-P028CY
Pavilion 15-P028NR Pavilion 15-P029CA Pavilion 15-P029CY
Pavilion 15-P029NR Pavilion 15-P030NR Pavilion 15-P031CY
Pavilion 15-P032CY Pavilion 15-P033CA Pavilion 15-P033CL
Pavilion 15-P033CY Pavilion 15-P034CY Pavilion 15-P035CY
Pavilion 15-P036CY Pavilion 15-P036CY Pavilion 15-P037CL
Pavilion 15-P037CY Pavilion 15-P041NR Pavilion 15-P042NR
Pavilion 15-P043CL Pavilion 15-P043NR Pavilion 15-P044NR
Pavilion 15-P045NR Pavilion 15-P046NR Pavilion 15-P047NR
Pavilion 15-P048NR Pavilion 15-P049NR Pavilion 15-P050CA
Pavilion 15-P050NR Pavilion 15-P051US Pavilion 15-P064US
Pavilion 15-P066US Pavilion 15-P067CA Pavilion 15-P071NR
Pavilion 15-P074CA Pavilion 15-P080CA Pavilion 15-P082NR
Pavilion 15-P083NR Pavilion 15-P084CA Pavilion 15-P087CA
Pavilion 15-P088CA Pavilion 15-P099NR Pavilion 15-P100 Series
Pavilion 15-P100DX Pavilion 15-P111NR Pavilion 15-P114DX
Pavilion 15-P133CL Pavilion 15-P133CL Pavilion 15-P143CL
Pavilion 15-P143CL Pavilion 15-P150CA Pavilion 15-P151NR
Pavilion 15-P151NR Pavilion 15-P157CL Pavilion 15-P164CA
Pavilion 15-P164CA Pavilion 15-P167CA Pavilion 15-P167CA
Pavilion 15-P168CA Pavilion 15-P168CA Pavilion 15-P184CA
Pavilion 15-P184CA Pavilion 15-P187CA Pavilion 15-P200 Series
Pavilion 15-P203CA Pavilion 15-P210NR Pavilion 15-P213CL
Pavilion 15-P214DX Pavilion 15-P220NR Pavilion 15-P233CL
Pavilion 15-P263CA Pavilion 15-P263NR Pavilion 15-P267NR
Pavilion 15-P273CA Pavilion 15T-E000 Series Pavilion 15T-N100 Series
Pavilion 17-E000 Series Pavilion 17-E002XX Pavilion 17-E009WM
Pavilion 17-E010US Pavilion 17-E011NR Pavilion 17-E012NR
Pavilion 17-E013NR Pavilion 17-E014NR Pavilion 17-E016DX
Pavilion 17-E017CL Pavilion 17-E017DX Pavilion 17-E019DX
Pavilion 17-E020DX Pavilion 17-E020US Pavilion 17-E021NR
Pavilion 17-E024NR Pavilion 17-E028CA Pavilion 17-E030US
Pavilion 17-E031NR Pavilion 17-E033CA Pavilion 17-E033NR
Pavilion 17-E035NR Pavilion 17-E037CL Pavilion 17-E038CA
Pavilion 17-E039NR Pavilion 17-E040US Pavilion 17-E046US
Pavilion 17-E048CA Pavilion 17-E049WM Pavilion 17-E050US
Pavilion 17-E052XX Pavilion 17-E053CA Pavilion 17-E054CA
Pavilion 17-E055NR Pavilion 17-E056US Pavilion 17-E061NR
Pavilion 17-E062NR Pavilion 17-E063NR Pavilion 17-E064NR
Pavilion 17-E065NR Pavilion 17-E066NR Pavilion 17-E067CL
Pavilion 17-E067NR Pavilion 17-E068NR Pavilion 17-E071NR
Pavilion 17-E072NR Pavilion 17-E073NR Pavilion 17-E074NR
Pavilion 17-E075NR Pavilion 17-E076NR Pavilion 17-E077NR
Pavilion 17-E078NR Pavilion 17-E079NR Pavilion 17-E086NR
Pavilion 17-E088NR Pavilion 17-E089NR Pavilion 17-E098NR
Pavilion 17-E100 Series Pavilion 17-E101NR Pavilion 17-E102NR
Pavilion 17-E103NR Pavilion 17-E104NR Pavilion 17-E105NR
Pavilion 17-E106NR Pavilion 17-E107NR Pavilion 17-E108NR
Pavilion 17-E109NR Pavilion 17-E110DX Pavilion 17-E110NR
Pavilion 17-E111NR Pavilion 17-E112DX Pavilion 17-E112NR
Pavilion 17-E113DX Pavilion 17-E113NR Pavilion 17-E114NR
Pavilion 17-E115NR Pavilion 17-E116DX Pavilion 17-E116NR
Pavilion 17-E117DX Pavilion 17-E117NR Pavilion 17-E118DX
Pavilion 17-E118NR Pavilion 17-E119NR Pavilion 17-E119WM
Pavilion 17-E120CA Pavilion 17-E120NR Pavilion 17-E121CA
Pavilion 17-E121NR Pavilion 17-E122NR Pavilion 17-E123CL
Pavilion 17-E128CA Pavilion 17-E129NR Pavilion 17-E130US
Pavilion 17-E131NR Pavilion 17-E132NR Pavilion 17-E134NR
Pavilion 17-E135NR Pavilion 17-E137CL Pavilion 17-E140NR
Pavilion 17-E140US Pavilion 17-E141NR Pavilion 17-E143NR
Pavilion 17-E144NR Pavilion 17-E146NR Pavilion 17-E146US
Pavilion 17-E147CA Pavilion 17-E147CL Pavilion 17-E148CA
Pavilion 17-E149NR Pavilion 17-E150NR Pavilion 17-E150US
Pavilion 17-E151NR Pavilion 17-E153CA Pavilion 17-E160NR
Pavilion 17-E160US Pavilion 17-E161NR Pavilion 17-E162NR
Pavilion 17-E166NR Pavilion 17-E169NR Pavilion 17-E171NR
Pavilion 17-E172NR Pavilion 17-E175NR Pavilion 17-E176NR
Pavilion 17-E178CA Pavilion 17-E180NR Pavilion 17-E181NR
Pavilion 17-E182NR Pavilion 17-E183NR Pavilion 17-E184NR
Pavilion 17-E185NR Pavilion 17-E187NR Pavilion 17-E188NR
Pavilion 17-E189NR Pavilion 17-E193NR Pavilion 17-E194NR
Pavilion 17-E195NR Pavilion 17-E196NR Pavilion 17-E197NR
Pavilion 17-E198NR Pavilion 17-E199NR Pavilion 17-F000 Series
Pavilion 17-F001DX Pavilion 17-F004DX Pavilion 17-F010US
Pavilion 17-F019WM Pavilion 17-F020US Pavilion 17-F021CY
Pavilion 17-F021DS Pavilion 17-F021NR Pavilion 17-F022CY
Pavilion 17-F022DS Pavilion 17-F022NR Pavilion 17-F023CL
Pavilion 17-F023CY Pavilion 17-F023DS Pavilion 17-F023NR
Pavilion 17-F024DS Pavilion 17-F024DS Pavilion 17-F024NR
Pavilion 17-F025CY Pavilion 17-F025DS Pavilion 17-F026CY
Pavilion 17-F026DS Pavilion 17-F026NR Pavilion 17-F027CY
Pavilion 17-F027NR Pavilion 17-F028CA Pavilion 17-F028CY
Pavilion 17-F028DS Pavilion 17-F028NR Pavilion 17-F029CY
Pavilion 17-F029DS Pavilion 17-F029NR Pavilion 17-F029WM
Pavilion 17-F030DS Pavilion 17-F030US Pavilion 17-F031CY
Pavilion 17-F032CY Pavilion 17-F037CL Pavilion 17-F040US
Pavilion 17-F041NR Pavilion 17-F042NR Pavilion 17-F043NR
Pavilion 17-F044NR Pavilion 17-F045NR Pavilion 17-F046NR
Pavilion 17-F047NR Pavilion 17-F048CA Pavilion 17-F048NR
Pavilion 17-F049NR Pavilion 17-F050NR Pavilion 17-F051XX
Pavilion 17-F053CA Pavilion 17-F053US Pavilion 17-F061US
Pavilion 17-F065US Pavilion 17-F071NR Pavilion 17-F078CA
Pavilion 17-F080CA Pavilion 17-F084CA Pavilion 17-F111NR
Pavilion 17-F113DX Pavilion 17-F114DX Pavilion 17-F115DX
Pavilion 17-F121DS Pavilion 17-F122DS Pavilion 17-F123DS
Pavilion 17-F124DS Pavilion 17-F125DS Pavilion 17-F127DS
Pavilion 17-F132DS Pavilion 17-F133DS Pavilion 17-F134DS
Pavilion 17-F136DS Pavilion 17-F137DS Pavilion 17-F138DS
Pavilion 17-F139DS Pavilion 17-F140NR Pavilion 17-F180CA
Pavilion 17-F184CA Pavilion 17-F210NR Pavilion 17-F215DX
Pavilion 17-F220NR Pavilion 17-F223NR Pavilion 17-F226NR
Pavilion 17-F230NR Pavilion 17-F232NR Pavilion 17-F262NR
Pavilion 17-F288NR Pavilion 17Z-E000 Series Pavilion G4 Series
Pavilion G4T Series Pavilion G6 Series Pavilion G6T Series
Pavilion G6Z Series Pavilion G7 Series Pavilion G7T Series
Presario CQ57 Series Presario CQ60 Series Presario CQ61 Series
Presario CQ62 Series Presario CQ70 Series Presario CQ71 Series
Presario CQ72 Series ProBook 4525s Series ProBook 4530s Series
ProBook 4535s Series ProBook 4540s Series ProBook 4545s Series
ProBook 4550s Series

Compatible Brands (Select brand to view models)


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We ship to worldwide range and the shipping is also free unless you request express delivery. The delivery to US will take about 6-10 business days, and to the other most countries usually takes about 7~14 business days.

Normally, all orders are shipped from Hong Kong by HK post office registered air mail. You will get an email of shipping information including the tracking number once your order is shipped out from our warehouse.

Please find the detail of the express as below:

Express Company Estimated Delivery Time Cost
EMS5-9 business days $18
UPS3-6 business days $22

If your address can't be reached by above express company, please contact us by and inform us of your express company.

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